Uzbekistan 3

Nov. 11, 2016 by

As many other “-stan” countries Uzbekistan celebrates 25 years of independence. Jamal the cow shepherd talks to us at our lunch picnic. He knows a few German words, but the conversation is still only basic. Where are you from? All…
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Uzbekistan 2

Nov. 5, 2016 by

After some time you get used to it, but the cotton tractors with only three wheels look weird in the beginning. Market in a small village. It’s not so nice for us because it causes much more traffic with a…
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Uzbekistan 1

Nov. 5, 2016 by

Welcome to Uzbekistan. The first flag is the Uzbek one. As usual I don’t take pictures at the border, for security reasons. Just some hundred meters after the border clearance we see the nice sign with big distances of cities…
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