Vietnam 3

Mrz. 16, 2017 by

It took a while for us to figure out about the vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Vietnam. The word for vegan is “chay”. If you know it, you find quite a few of them all over. Good food. In Cam Ranh we…
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Vietnam 2

Mrz. 7, 2017 by

A big problem in Southeast Asia is the rubbish. We see so much of it everywhere. And in Vietnam we have the feeling that it is even worse than in Thailand or Lao. Sure the waste is not only in…
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Vietnam 1

Feb. 23, 2017 by

Welcome to Vietnam. A very difficult country for us! Not easy to write all stories about it for me. So I most probably just talk about the better moments in Vietnam. So, as I said, we already have our visa…
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