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I arrive well in Ranong, get my stamp for another 30 days and stay in a cheap guesthouse for the first night. Thailand is very familiar to me now and everything is pretty easy and a bit boring already compared to Myanmar. I don’t plan to stay that long this time and ride some fast long days on my way to Malaysia.

There are ‚hipster‘ cafés again, where I sometimes have a break of course.


It would be good advertisement for the company, I guess.


After all I leave the second hand spare tire in a bicycle shop somewhere, and even get 200 Baht (about 5 €) for it.

Beside some cheap hotels I stay one night in a temple and get offered a nice pavilion for sleeping.


I get rainy days and some hours of cycling in the rain, if possible I try to wait, but sometimes I just cycle in the rain, it’s warm enough anyway.


In one place the road leads through a nice bottleneck.


In Krabi, BokBokBike from Bangkok organized a 24 teeth chainring for me, which I can fetch at a nice bike shop, called Mars Touring. It’s a wedding shop at the same time.



Now I only need to find a middle chainring with 36 teeth, which is not easy, everywhere I ask, they only have 32 teeth ones.


Eventually I cycle through a big pineapple area. They sell them in huge numbers at the roadside. I eat two of them. 


In Trang I am hosted by a nice couple from warmshowers and take a rest day. Breakfast (cheese omlette on rice) in a friendly café. And a big scorpion hiding in a street sewer grate.




Every day I see beautiful thunderstorm clouds.


In one café I order cappuccino and that’s what I get. 😉 Wasn’t bad at all.


My two small devices, cycle computer and altimeter, don’t like rain and water. In Myanmar they almost gave up, but I could dry them and make them continue working. Now finally the altimeter breaks down. Luckily I can repair it, whilst I dismember, dry and clean it.


The last night in Thailand I stay in a new but cheap hotel, the village is so small, they don’t have a restaurant. I ask the boy, who works for the hotel, where I can eat. He doesn’t speak any English, but he is very willing to help me. By scooter he brings me to a small supermarket just 500 meters away. I say thank you, tell him that I will walk back, and buy something I want to cook in the hotel. On the way back I hear loud music, sure I have a look what’s going on there. It’s a small party for a 9 year old son. Immediately I am invited and get food. As I want to go home, the boy from the hotel appears with his scooter. The people translate me, that dinner is waiting for me in the hotel! Oh, what a misunderstanding. But doesn’t matter, I often eat twice.


Actually I thought, I stay one more night in a small guesthouse just 3 km before the Malaysia border. But when I arrive, no one is there. It is 4 pm, as I don’t know how long I would have to wait, I decide to cross the border just now and leave the safe place with doubtful prospects about where to stay the first night in Malaysia…


By the way:

I am cycling for the rainforest. So if you like my blog, you can donate  some euros for the project, please.

I will meet Roland, the chairman of “Lebensraum Regenwald e.V.”, on Borneo island in Palangkaraya on the 12th of June. Together we will visit the rainforest, plant new trees and meet some of the last wild orangutans. 🙂

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