I am Johanna, born 1987 in Rottweil.
I love traveling. Especially by bike!

My parents took me and my brother to many different countries, England, Croatia, Sardegna, Italy… We went on  our first family cycling trip when I was about seven years old.
When I was fifteen I took my first journey on my own. I went to Scandinavia with a friend.
On our daily way to school my family always went by bike. It made me love cycling more not less.  I always ride my bike – no matter what weather it is.

I have lived in Nuremberg for eight years. I finished my studies three years ago and quit my work as a kindergarten teacher for this cycling trip. I loved working with the small children, so it was a big step for me to take.


I fulfilled my dream. I cycled with Michi to Bangkok, Thailand.
15800 km in one year. It was not always easy, but it was a fulfilling and exciting time.
I am back home now, trying to adapt to ‘normal’ life. I am trying to reduce my belongings and the things I do, to focus on the essential.
We have to many things in our lifes.
On the cycling tour I learned, how little I need to be happy.
Mostly there is just the present. That is the wonderful part about such a journey.

You find our journey on facebook.  “Cycling Somewhere


A article in the local newspaper (Schwarzwälder Bote), published the 18th of May 2017.



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