Turkey 7

Jul. 10, 2016 by

Asking for some oil for our chains in a small bicycle shop.   In Trabzon we stayed at Gökhans (green shirt) flat, he was the best Couchsurfer we could imagine. At the same time he had another surfer, Mucheba from…
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Turkey 6

Jul. 4, 2016 by

Somewhere near Ayancik we met a photographer and he took this picture of us. The new highway in Gerze. In Gerze we stayed at Elifs and Yalcins almost 100 years old mansion. Yalcin doesn’t like photos, so his best friend…
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Turkey 5

Jun. 24, 2016 by

We didn’t reach this beach, but we had a nice break at that one behind. Our host in Inebolu showed us the mountains behind the Black Sea coast. Johanna collected a lot of trash there. Very nice and interested kids…
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Turkey 4

Jun. 21, 2016 by

We are in the middle between Nürnberg and Teheran now (11.06.2016) !!!  In Zonguldak, 1830 km air distance to each city!   The coast road is is very steep up and downhill all the time. Combined with the heat we…
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Jun. 16, 2016 by

We randomly met Ahmet in a café and he invited us the next day for dinner with his family. He had a really good idea! He printed perfect  bookmarks/visiting cards for us. The idea is, that we can put a…
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Turkey 2

Jun. 4, 2016 by

Yoga and very nice breakfast in the already hot morning. Small market in a small village.  We cooled ourselves in this river. It was perfect. Today is Sunday and all Turkish people are having picnic next to the road. Everywhere.…
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Turkey 1

Jun. 4, 2016 by

Welcome to Turkey. 🙂 Turkey welcomes us with a very big and new highway, and almost no traffic. Our first Turkish cay in Kirklareli. It’s a longer story but after 50 km we stayed in Kirklareli for the night. 🙂…
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