Every kilometer counts – Support the „Lebensraum Regenwald“ (living rainforest) organization with your donation.

It is my wish that you donate a tiny amount for every cycled kilometer (e.g. 0.25 cent per km*) on behalf of the „Lebensraum Regenwald“ organization of Nürnberg Germany.

This organization has been supporting the protection and reforestation of rainforest areas in Southeast Asia and South America since 2008. „Lebensraum Regenwald“ wants to raise awareness for the importance of these habitats and create an ecological mindset among the local inhabitants. To achive that they initiate reforestation projects, provide education and create alternative income models to the growing of oil- and energy crops.
Loggers should be tansformed to ‘gardeners of the rainforest’.

Rainforests are of immeasurable value for mankind due to their biodiversity and capability to bind huge amounts of carbon dioxide.

That is why I want to raise awareness for the projects of „Lebensraum Regenwald“ organization with my low carbon dioxide cycling tour over thousands of kilometers to the opposite side of our planet.
Please help me support their projects with your donation.

I am (and rainforests are) happy about every donated cent. Every amout keeps up hope for the rainforests of the earth.

Thank you!

For more information about the „Lebensraum Regenwald“ organization please visit the following website or their facebook profile.

Lebensraum Regenwald e.V.


How much do you donate?
*example: 0.25 Cent per km equals 75€ considering a cycled distance of 30.000 km. There is no need to donate per cycled kilometer. You can donate every amount that is ok for you.

Donation is possible directly via PayPal or via money transfer to:

Cycling for the rain forest

Juhu!! Spendenziel am 29.06.2018 erreicht! Doch es kann weiter gehen. 🙂 Ich bin schließlich schon bei 37.500 km

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